a luxe contraband is the studio of Alyce Harley, an artist focusing on emotive hand-lettering designs and abstract ink paintings

Alyce's lettering work ranges from spirited, unexpected takes on modern calligraphy to abstract freeform scripts. Alyce's lettering and illustration work is intentionally done the analog way-- with pen, ink, and paper. Her design work is sought after for weddings, events, product design-- clients who covet one-of-a-kind looks, idiosyncrasies of things made by hand, and fresh aesthetics that go against the grain of usual trends.

Her approach to painting is rooted in a unwavering belief that emotions are captured in art as gesture Alyce relies on the imperfect, unpredictable qualities of ink and a monochromatic palate to create melancholically beautiful emotions. These pieces are fluid and communicate the visceralness of the “in-between” -- between intention and madness, between form and abstraction. 

Representative clients include Shinola, Golden Road Brewing, New School Consulting,100 Layer Cake.  

Alyce is based in Los Angeles, California and is an avid traveler and ever-curious human who believes no pizza should ever be without pineapple. 

 photo x David Branson

photo x David Branson